Crisis Management

Business Crisis Management and Implementation

ASiQ specializes in crisis management arising from breakdowns of business processes, relationships, contracts—or adverse outside events that threaten the company. We deal with the nuts-and-bolts aspects of solving these problems.

The same skills and methods that are essential for engineering a full- blown company turnaround also apply to lesser targets. There are many nonrecurring issues that arise in businesses for which the company does not and should not hire a full-time expert employee. Thus, ASiQ can help clients to resolve crises that may respond better to outsiders with specialized skills and knowledge that match up to the problem at hand.

Business Crisis ManagementASiQ brings calm, confidence, order, and relentless hard work to business-crisis settings. We are expert and successful at negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service, state and federal securities regulators, and, of course, diverse creditors, creditor committees, and other hostile adversaries typically arrayed against troubled companies.

We resolve the natural fear and anxiety that business stresses often cause management and staff by teaming with them to solve their business problems. In that way, our assistance morphs into their business success.

Options for CEOs

Crisis Management Options for CEOs

Project Implementation

We work thoughtfully with management to assemble integrated teams of ASiQ experts with the client company’s in-house experts to develop and implement new or revised business processes, to negotiate and implement new agreements with other companies including strategic alliances, and to develop strategies to solve old problems and/or address new opportunities. These are short-term engagements with long-term impacts.