Business Turnarounds

Does Your Business Need to Visit the Emergency Room?

When a company is on the runway to failure, it becomes in many ways like a person who is likely to die if that person does not get to an emergency room -at once! At some point in all of the turnarounds we have accomplished, one or more of the principles has declared, Oh, if only we had come to you sooner.

If your company appears to be poised for failure, do not procrastinate. Treat it like a critically ill child and race it to an emergency room.

Restoring Business Health

Business TurnaroundsASiQ is like a business emergency room when problems first come our way. We are expert at rapid assessment, stress testing troubled businesses and commencing immediate life support. As is the case with a person raced to an emergency room, if it turns out that the problem wasn’t so bad, well, heck, that’s great, things worked out and you ruled out something that looked more serious. If the problem is as bad, or even worse, than you feared, well, you're in good hands now, so let’s set out to save this patient.

Embarking on a turnaround requires total commitment. There can be no sacred or untouchable aspect of the company. As in the emergency room, this may be a life-and-death struggle requiring hard choices and bold actions.

Unlike an emergency room, you may call us for a cost-free discussion of how our skills and services may meet your needs. And, unlike an emergency room, ASiQ does make house calls.

Business Turnaround Services

In the initial conversations we determine with the client whether the issues that threaten the business are internal or external problems. Internal problems fall in the broad category of turnaround issues and often lead to a request for Interim Management. External problems that require our assistance—and which can usually be fixed without disrupting operations—are normally handled by ASiQ under other headings on this Website: Crisis Management, Transaction Advisory, Project Implementations, Performance Improvement, and Dispute Resolution.