ASiQ Questions and Answers

What does the name ASiQ mean – why this name?

ASiQ, LLC is the descendant of a turnaround performed in the 1980s of a company called Associated Southwest Investors, Inc. (ASI). After the proceeds of that company were distributed to investors, the C Corporation shell was abandoned, and John Rice, ASiQ, LLC's founder, picked up the name ASI because so many people associated him with that brand.

Over time as ASI entered various engagements with both equity and risk dimensions, it we would create a new LLC for the task starting with ASi/A to ASi/B etc. When our CPAs recommended that ASI itself should really be re-organized as an LLC, the next alphabetical LLC for us to create happened to be “ASi/Q, LLC.” The founders’ wife commented, "I like seeing the IQ element of this company so highlighted," so with a laugh, we eliminated the slash mark and became ASiQ.

Who Runs ASiQ, LLC?

John Rice ASiQJohn Rice is President & CEO of ASiQ, a 26 year-old firm specializing in operations management services ranging from launching successful startups and executing business turnarounds to financings, crisis management and the repositioning of enterprises for sale at optimum market prices.

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How Many People Are On Staff?

ASiQ states that it solves many different kinds of business problems for companies and can do that better than most companies can do so internally when those problems are non-recurring… so how possibly can you have enough people on your payroll to address so many differing problems?

We cannot have enough people on our payroll to address so many differing problems, so we do not. ASiQ has a deep bench of professionals whom it has vetted and proven over time, and whom we mobilize on a per task basis.

Team members are matched to the individual problem. There are over 100 professionals on our bench. Our company culture thrives on professionalism, confidence, and urgency.

We are united in a zest for business and an insistence on excellence… and to be an ASiQ operative, well tested in operational settings and stresses.