ASiQ Expertise

Superior Negotiator that Sold Our Company

"When selling our company, I turned to John Rice at ASiQ. In working with John, I was impressed with his capacity to quickly comprehend complex industry dynamics, formulate a plan, and act. As a negotiator, I have not met his equal. He sold our company with fairness and integrity, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."
~ J. Walker, President, Ampmed Corp., Santa Fe, NM

Transaction Advisor Restored Us to Profitability

"You helped me save ... (the company) at a critical point that allowed me to bring in $8 million in private investment that grew the company to profitability. Without your leadership and negotiating skill I could have never convinced the Bank to be patient enough and never been able to remove the "dead wood" in the company in order to attract the type of capital that I needed to grow the company."
~ JIM, Houston, TX

Took Us from Bankruptcy to Profitability

"We were headed off a cliff and into bankruptcy law firm introduced us to ASiQ as a last shot at turning things around. From day one when John showed up with Neal and Chris, we realized we might make it after all. Within seven months we had a positive cash flow, and strong cash flow by month nine. I have never experienced such a rush of skill and positive attitude such as this team brought to us....we have made money every year since ASiQ took us up to the next level. They are fair, incredibly fast, and focused like you would not believe."
~ DL, San Antonio, TX

Passion, Integrity, Successful

"I have never worked with anyone as passionately committed to his client's best interest as John Rice. There are a lot of bright people around, but bright and honest are a rare combination, and John has exemplified both of those qualities for the 21 years I have known him. He doesn't win all the battles, but he sure wins more than his fair share, often against daunting odds. I know I want him in my 'foxhole.' I unequivocally recommend him."
~ Jan B. Persson, Executive Director (Retired), Birnson Partners, Inc. Chicago, IL

Forging Strategic Alliances

"I am honored to endorse ASiQ as a firm capable of finding and forging a real strategic alliance. Our company developed a well proven technology and then found that we lacked the financial resources and full management team to get the product to market. We chose ASiQ because they asked us a lot of really thought provoking questions in the first interview rather than just trying to sell us. They just would not quite digging, thinking, and reaching out. I still run my company, but sold 33 1/3 interest in it to the second biggest dog in our industry. I will retire rich. Thanks to ASiQ."
~ MG, Albuquerque, NM

Fast Solutions Achieved Results

"John Rice was quick to identify the problems, device solid solutions, and achieve results."
~ Richard Allshouse and Edith Winters, Allshouse & Winters, Inc., Long Boat Key, FL

Achieving Start-Up Success

"Thanks for being such a rock. You never gave up on us and you were always there. When things went to Hell during the start-up, you were always there to help pull us out."
~ Steve Lucero, Co-Founder, Carettas, Inc.