Finding Waldo: Business Turnaround

ASiQ Business TurnaroundsAHS Corporation is a pseudonym for a public company located the Northeast United States. It designs and manufactures custom engineered automated handling systems with multiple manufacturing process stations. AHS’s largest customers are Fortune 500 manufacturers.

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Different Strokes: Commercializing a Technology through Licensing

ASiQ Business NegotiatorsLicensing is one of the many strategies entrepreneurs and companies use to commercialize technologies and intellectual property. Putting together a strong and successful license transaction is like putting together a three-dimensional puzzle with both static and moving parts. Following are two case summaries that illustrate how the most important considerations differ from transaction to transaction.

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Six Weeks to Live: Business Crises Management

Business TurnaroundsCRK Corp. is an R&D company born and based in Huntsville, AL. The company’s senior management team is led by a PhD chemist with technical gifts and entrepreneurial instincts. After years of successful developing and selling or licensing technologies, CRK spots a Defense Department (DOD) contract for which it is sure it has the optimum solution.

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