ASiQ is expert in getting businesses out of trouble. We help companies in a wide array of industries solve complex and challenging business problems. ASiQ professionals deliver insight, agility, and winning results.

Business Turnarounds

ASiQ is a veteran team of experts in business turnarounds. If your company appears to be poised for failure, treat it like a critically ill child and race it to an emergency room! ASiQ operates like an emergency room for ailing companies. Our experts diagnose troubled businesses and administer immediate life support.

Transaction Advisors & Negotiators

As transaction advisors, ASiQ backs you up with battle tested experience and thoughtful transaction analysis. As expert negotiators, ASiQ assist on complex contracts, licensing agreements, financing, business exits, mergers and acquisitions.

Crisis Management

ASiQ ServicesWe deal with the nuts-and-bolts aspects of crisis management without disrupting day-today operations. ASiQ resolves crises arising from breakdowns of business process, relationships, contracts, and other adverse outside events that threaten the company.

Family Businesses

ASiQ is skilled in improving the business processes and profitability of family businesses while dealing sensitively with family considerations. We understand the unique dynamics of family businesses and how to create, negotiate, and sustain clear and fair boundaries that foster operations and sustained growth.

Business Exit and Sale Strategies

We plan and structure the pathway to client goals, be they exit processes, mergers, sale of the company, employing strategies including initial public offerings, piggybacks on private placements, ESOPs, and other creative business exit and sale strategies.

Strategic Alliances

Forming strategic alliances is one of the fastest ways to achieve business goals with economic efficiency and the impressive leverage of others companies’ complementary strengths. ASiQ specializes identifying and forming strategic alliances that improve performance and accelerate speed to market while saving time and money.