Transaction Advisors

Transaction Advisors for Major Business Matters

  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Business Exits
  • Financings
  • License Agreements

Major business transactions such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Sale of the Company, ESOPs, Initial Public Offerings (IPO), or negotiating with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms are very often one-time-only transactions for a company. Clients choose to hire ASiQ for assistance on many such transactions in order to gain the following:

  • An additional, experienced pair of eyes on both the main deal points and the important details of the transaction;
  • ASiQ's familiarity with the nuanced elements of complex transactions are a safeguard against errors of omission and;
  • A clear-thinking business person who works effectively with the lawyers -being sure that they handle only the legal points of the transaction—leaving the principals, with ASiQ’s help, free to maintain, manage, and accomplish the all-important business points of the transaction.

Technology Commercialization Strategies

Transaction AdvisorsTechnology commercialization normally requires that in order to accomplish a very clear and simple objective, executives, technologists, and investors must navigate their way around or over numerous obstacles and pitfalls, some of which may be peculiar to and caused by the traits of the technology itself, the inventors, and early investors.

ASiQ is skilled and successful in rapidly and efficiently assessing and developing the pathways to commercialization that are most appropriate and realistic for a given team and technology. The strategy of commercialization is best commenced with the end in mind.

At the very outset it is essential that founders attain a clear understanding of what success for their technology would actually look like. Would it best realize its full potential through a freestanding company, a division of another larger company, a license to an existing already-successful company in the technology’s ultimate market space, or some other solution we could design together?

ASiQ has successfully developed and/or implemented strategies for commercialization of a range of technologies including: medical devices, nuclear pharmaceuticals, electronic medical records, computer firmware that may soon revolutionize its market, advanced manufacturing products, and machine vision quality and manufacturing systems.